Weekend Flights

Obviously bargains can always be found if you check Skyscanner regularly but usually you would be looking at between £100-£150 for return flights from the UK to Tallinn.

Manchester (£150)

London (£100)

Airport to Centre

The airport is a short taxi ride from the centre and will not set you back much, especially if you use Taxify, the Estonian Uber. If you can’t be bothered to sign up to the App then i’m sure the receptionist at your hotel/ hostel will be able to order for you.


We stayed at the Red Emperor Hostel and i’m going to go out on a limb and say its probably the best hostel i’ve had the pleasure of staying at. It won’t be for everyone as the rooms and toilet/ shower facilities are basic but the atmosphere, staff and downstairs bar more than make up for it. Regular pub crawls and bowling events are organised and you are also able to book a number of day trips/ activities at reception.

If you want to relax in the communal area there will always be a friendly Aussie on hand to pour you a cheap pint, or you can head down to the bar (which is great) and pay a little more. I’ll talk more about the bar further down the page.

Things to Do

If you like history then you will absolutely love Tallinn.

Just wandering round the maze-like streets within the city walls is enough to kill a morning, climbing the steps to take in the views from the various vantage points and admiring the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. For a small cost you can walk across a section of the city walls and the Estonian History Museum will set you back €6.

However, my favourite part of Tallinn, hands down was the Kiek in de Kök Museum and the Bastion Passages. Kiek in de Kök, is a fortified cannon tower and exhibits the city’s defences throughout the centuries, although i’d avoid the windows if you don’t like heights. For a combined 13 you gain entry to the tower museum and get a guided tour of the tunnels which takes around 30-40 minutes. The tunnels act as a timeline showing the recent restoration, their use as a fall out shelter, a hideout for punks during Soviet rule and a make-shift prison… Our guide was great and gave a good insight into a number of different eras.

We also did an escape room but you can do them anywhere these days.

Places to Eat

Kompressor in the centre of the old town is pretty much a must for lunch in Tallinn, 5 for an absolutely massive filled-pancake, I got peaches and cream cheese with mine and was absolutely stuffed.

My diet in Tallinn was far from healthy, I had pizza at one of the local chains one night and a kebab at Pitta Gyros, which was next door to the hostel. I’m not really in a position to give you a run down of the best places to eat but my pizza and kebab were pretty good in fairness, cheap as well.

Bars/ Pubs/ Clubs

As mentioned previously, the bar at the Red Emperor hostel is spot on. Reasonably priced alcohol, good music, pool tables and I think they sometimes have live music. Can’t say I was too keen on the karaoke but the place was packed out for it, although midweek in Tallinn isn’t exactly booming so it was probably the only bar worth going to.

Hell Hunt is a well known pub in Tallinn and was a decent place to watch the football, there is also a cool, cellar bar a few buildings down, no idea what its called is but it is literally a minute’s walk away (it’s very cheap).

Labor Baar is somewhere to grab a cocktail but its pricey, especially for vodka, i’d avoid it personally as its about as generic and characterless as a bar can be.


In short, Tallinn is brilliant, the centre is as beautiful as any city in Europe and there’s plenty to see. Out of the three Baltic capitals its in the middle in terms of price – not as expensive as Riga but nowhere near as cheap as Vilnius, reasonable is a word i’d use a lot when talking about costs in Tallinn.

We went at the start of May and you would be advised to bring a thick coat! as even when its sunny, that Baltic wind is absolutely freezing! I can’t even begin to guess how cold it is in winter.

Due to its location you could also combine your trip with a short flight, or ferry to Stockholm or Helsinki, or make use of the unbelievably cheap Lux Express buses and take the 4 hour trip to Riga.

A city I will definitely be returning to.


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